Full auditorium

A serene and elegant space where natural wood and high quality textile upholstery predominate for the organisation of any type of event with the highest levels of quality and technical requirements.


Area: Seating area 208 m2 / Scenario 72 m2

Capacity: 192 pax

Sala polivalente

Area: 101 m2

Capacity: Theatre 78 pax / School 56 pax / Meeting O 34 pax / Meeting U 28 pax / Cocktail 95 pax / Banquete 64 pax

Hall central

Area: 248 m2

Capacity: Cocktail 240 pax / Banquet 150 pax

Technical rider

  • 1 LEDMAN DPHI2.9 HR LED display 10 x 3.5 m, with a pixel pitch of 2.9 mm and a total resolution of 3.360 x 1.176 px.
    2.9 mm and total resolution of 3,360 x 1,176 px
  • 4 NOVASTAR MCTRL600 controllers
  • 1 ANALOGWAY NeXtage 1604 4k multi-layer scaler
  • 3 PANASONIC AW-HE130KEJ robotic cameras
  • 36 DALI CLUX FC180 LED floodlights for track, dimmable,
    with 30° and 60° aperture, 23W, and 4,000k colour temperature
  • 8 RGB ROBE CYCFX8 LED RGB bars, movable and dimmable, 8 x 15W, zoom adjustable 8-67º, with fast movement up to 270º, 2.420 lm,
    237 colours
  • 1 D&B Audiotechnik 30D Amplifier, with maximum output power of
    output 4 x 1600W at 4Ω
  • 1 D&B Audiotechnik 10D amplifier, with maximum output power of 4 x 700W at output power 4 x 700W at 4Ω
  • 2 D&B Audiotechnik 24S main loudspeakers, RMS=500W
  • 4 D&B Audiotechnik E6 front-fill speakers, RMS=150W
  • 2 D&B Audiotechnik B6 subwoofer speakers, RMS=500W
  • 2 D&B Audiotechnik E8 monitor loudspeakers, RMS=150W
    adjustable 8-67°, with fast movement up to 270°, 2,420 lm,
    237 colours

  • 1 SHURE DIS-CCU Central Unit
  • 3 Transmitter/Feeder SHURE EXT6010
    5 SHURE MXC615 Conference Stations
  • 5 SHURE MXC420 Conference Booth Flexo Microphones
  • 96 SHURE MU6040D Microphone Units
  • 96 SHURE HM4042 handheld microphones
  • 192 SHURE CS6340 Glass Screen Channel Selectors
  • 2 SHURE MXCIC interpreter desks
  • 2 SHURE MXC420 Flexible plug-in microphones SHURE MXC420
  • 1 SHURE DT6008 digital IR transmitter
  • 1 SHURE RA6013 digital IR radiator
  • 10 SHURE DR6008 Digital IR Receivers
  • 7 SHURE QLXD14E/85H51 Pocket Wireless Microphones
  • 5 SHURE QLXD24E/SM58 H51 Handheld Wireless Microphones
  • 7 SHURE WBH53T miniature headset microphones
  • 2 SHURE MX412DC Flexo Microphones adjustable 8-67°, with up to 270° fast movement, 2,420 lm, 237 colours

* The microphone equipment is common for Auditorium and Central Hall.

The stage has a large semi-curved LED screen that occupies its entire depth with dimensions of 10 x 3.5m. This screen is fully configurable in terms of composition and image sources. The base of the stage is registrable and has various power and data sockets, making it highly versatile to host different event formats: conference, presidential table, debate, concert, etc. Likewise, its complete and advanced lighting and sound system guarantees the realisation of any type of event with the highest levels of quality and technical requirements.

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